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Planning Committee Meeting – 4 October 7PM

Meeting Summary

Committee:Planning Committee
Venue:Shavington Village Hall

Public Agenda

1To receive and consider apologies for absence  
2To note declarations of Members’ interest  
3To confirm and sign the minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on 6 September 2023 (attached)  
4Public Participation   A period not exceeding 20 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments  
5  To consider making a response to the following planning applications:  

Application: 23/3613N
Proposal: 1no building mounted fascia sign displaying company name and logo
National Grid Ref: 371207.9281 353051.1417    
6To consider making responses to any urgent planning application consultations that have arisen since this agenda was published  
7To consider addressing an enquiry from Highways with regards to extend the 30mph section of Crewe Road up to A500 overbridge  
8To receive and consider a proposal for the establishment of a Local Plan Review Working Group and Terms of Reference (attached).  

To consider appointing Members to sit in the Working Group.  
9To consider making a representation to the Parking Review and Public consultation 2023 run by Cheshire East Council ( link to proposal here:  
10To consider making a representation to the Signalised Pedestrian Crossing – Rope Lane, Shavington Consultation run by Cheshire East Council (attached)  
11To receive and consider the latest update of the ScG Parish Council – Planning Application Record (attached)  
12To note the date of the next Planning Committee Meeting – 1 November 7PM