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Staffing Committee Terms of Reference

Approved by Shavington cum Gresty Parish Council on 4 May 2022

 5 Members of Authority Quorum 3 
 Meeting will take place every six month 
 To provide effective and professional staff management of all matters related to the employees of the Parish Council.     All non-committee members may attend meetings of the Committee except for confidential items or matters relating to grievance or discipline and speak at the Chair’s discretion but are unable to vote.   
 Function of the Committee Delegation of function 
1  All delegated functions as set out in the Terms of Reference and Delegation of Council      Committee 
2  To recommend to Council the overall Staffing structure and approval of additional posts.      Parish Clerk reserved for Council     All other staff to Committee including payment of honoraria providing within agreed budget.  
3  To recommend to Council Personnel policies and Employee Handbook      Committee     
4  Management and Appointment of Staff (Local Government Act 1972 s112-119)    Recommend appointment of new Parish Clerk to be endorsed by Council     Selection of long list by Parish Clerk with personnel assistance if appropriate     Selection of final short list – Chair and Vice Chair of the Council and Chair of the Staffing Committee     Final Interview – Committee and Chair of the Council    Parish Clerk for casual staff and temporary appointments to approved positions below Scale Point 23     Decision on whether to fill vacant positions is delegated to Parish Clerk.     Decision on recruitment of contract staff or interim contract staff to Committee     Management of staff in accordance with Council policy, procedures and budget to Parish Clerk.   
5  Disciplinary matters under the Council’s Disciplinary Procedure.    Parish Clerk with appeal to Staffing Committee     Staffing Committee in the case of the Parish Clerk with appeal to Complaints Committee (only members not on Staffing Committee)     Dismissal of Parish Clerk to be ratified by Council  
6  Determination of individual grading issues and job evaluation      Committee, except Parish Clerk reserved to Council    
7  Issues relating to the Local Government Pension Scheme as it affects individual employees and administration of retirement.    Committee (Council in case of Parish Clerk)     Administration of retirement in cases of permanent ill health, after appropriate medical advice via NEST    Pensions Discretions Policies to Committee 
8  Approval of job descriptions and person specifications and all contracts of employment      Committee to approve except Council in the case of Parish Clerk     All Councillors to be given the opportunity to comment on the draft job description and person specification before final committee approval.  
9  Absence issues under the Council’s Attendance Management Guidelines.      Parish Clerk except Committee in the case of Parish Clerk    
10  To place staff at the disposal of other local authorities for the purpose of joint arrangements or Partnership working        Council    
11  Competence Procedure    Parish Clerk except Committee in the case of Parish Clerk    
12  Issue of Contracts of Employment    Parish Clerk except Committee in the case of Parish Clerk     Model Contract approved by Committee    
13  Redundancy and Redeployment     Committee    
14  Monitoring Equalities Policy in relation to employment      Committee    
15Approval of Officer Codes of Conduct, supplements and Member – Officer Protocol     Council    
16  Health and Safety    Committee for approval of Policy other than General Statement and organisation which are reserved for Council     Committee to oversee responsibilities for Council within budget and policy     Parish Clerk for routine management  
17  Grievance Procedure    Parish Clerk, except Committee in the case of Parish Clerk    
18  Administration of other Staffing procedures    Parish Clerk, except Committee in the case of Parish Clerk    
19  Employee Development Review and assessment at end of Probationary period    Parish Clerk for all staff, often delegated to direct manager.     Chair of Council, Staffing Chair and one other Member of Committee for Parish Clerk 
20  Training and Development Plan for all emoloyees  Parish Clerk     Chair of Staffing in case of Parish Clerk  
21To review employees pay awards and increments for recommendation to Full Council for approval    Committee

NB. Any actions delegated to the Parish Clerk/Proper Officer may in his/her absence be undertaken by the nominated deputy or deputies, if the matter cannot wait until the Parish Clerk’s return.