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Parish Council Meeting – 1 December 7:30pm

Meeting Summary

Committee:Full Parish Council
Venue:Shavington Village Hall

Notes for Members of the Public:

  • Any members of the public that wish to attend, please register with the clerk by emailing  by 3pm on Wednesday, 1 December 2021.

Public Agenda

1To receive and consider apologies for absence  
2To note declarations of Members’ interests  
3To confirm and sign the minutes of the Shavington-cum-Gresty Council Meetings hold on 6 October 2021 and 17 November 2021 (attached)  
4Public Participation
 A period not exceeding 20 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments  
5To receive a report from the Village Beat Manager  
6To receive an update on Cheshire East Council’s plans affecting the Parish Council from Cllr Marren (CEC) (attached)  
7To receive and consider updates from Committee Chairs in relation to meetings held since the previous Shavington-cum-Gresty Parish Council meeting on 6 October 2021 or any items arisen since then:  

Committee: Community and Environment Committee
Chair: Councillor K Gibbs  

Committee: Village Hall Committee (Minutes attached)
Chair: Cllr McIntyre
Meeting held 13 October 2021
Items for consideration:  

a. that a recommendation is made to Full Council to allocate a budget up to £1,500 from the Village Hall reserve for the painting of the main hall.
b. that a recommendation is made to Full Council to allocate a budget up to £300 to purchase and replace ceiling tiles in the Village Hall kitchen. Further considerations are needed with regards to the replacement of the vinyl floor in the kitchen: in order to evaluate if the stock of roll vinyl floor owned by the Parish Council is enough to cover the area or if a new one is needed.
c. that a recommendation is made to Full Council to purchase a camera
d. that the draft budget is approved and recommended to Full Parish Council subject to the following amendments being made:
Kitchen refurbishment: £5,000    

Committee: Environment and Recreation Committee (Minutes attached)
Chair: Councillor Ferguson
Meeting held 20 October 2021
Items for consideration:

a. that the Commemorative Bench Sponsorship agreement is approved and recommended to Full Council
b. that the draft budget is approved and recommended to Full Council subject to the following amendments:
Ground maintenance £24,000  

Committee: Finance Committee (Minutes attached)
Chair: Cllr Wain
Meeting held 17 November 2021
Items for consideration:  

a. that the BACS Payment Compensating Control Procedure is reviewed and considered at Full Council, and that a second level of check in the online payment process is introduced
b. that the draft Finance Committee budget 2022/23 v.2 is approved and recommended to Full Council as part of the budget setting process subject to the following amendments being made:  
To reduce PCSO budget to £33,3k
To merge “recreational land” and “140 main road” budget together: “Acquisition projects” £10k
To reduce Defibrillator budget to £500 to cover the cost of kiosk refurbishment and to set up a campaign to encourage residents to sponsor defibrillator to balance any increase in staff costs  

Committee: Staffing Committee
Chair: Councillor Buchanan  
8To note and approve payments since the previous meeting (attached)  
9To consider to approve the next round of payments (attached)  
10To note the YTD Parish Council finance position (attached)  
11To note the Data Protection Compliance Review report completed by JDH Business Service Ltd and to consider the implementation of any urgent action needed (attached)  
12To note the H&S General inspection report completed by Rhino Safety and to consider the implementation of any urgent action (attached)  
13To note and consider:  

Shavington cum Gresty Parish Council general risk assessment (attached)
Vine Tree Play Area risk assessment (attached)
Shavington cum Gresty Fire risk assessment (attached)  
14To receive and consider to adopt the following policies:  

Shavington cum Gresty Health and Safety Policy (attached)
Shavignton cum Gresty Environmental and Sustainability Policy (attached)
Shavington cum Gresty Bench Sponsorship Policy (attached)
Shavington cum Gresty Cyber Security Policy (attached)
Shavington cum Gresty Data Breach Policy (attached)
Shavington cum Gresty Data Processing Agreement (attached)
Shavington cum Gresty Document Retention Policy (attached)
Shavington cum Gresty Internal Privacy Notice (attached)
Shavington cum Gresty Member Security (attached)
Shavington cum Gresty Subject access request procedure (attached)
Shavington cum Gresty General Privacy Policy and Website Privacy Policy (rev) (attached)  
15To receive an update with regard to the Cheshire East Council Community Governance Review.  
16To consider a proposal to sponsor the maintenance costs of n.2 defibrillators in the Parish (attached)
17To consider to review the current Financial Regulation (attached).  

And to consider to review the bank arrangements and to add the Community Manager as new signatory/authorised user to the Parish Council and Village Hall Bank account.  
18To consider making a response to the following planning applications:  
 Application: 21/5722N
Proposal: High Speed Rail (West Midlands-Crewe) Act 2021, pursuant to Schedule 17 Part 1, Paragraph 6 Conditions relating to Road Transport, of the Phase 2a Act .
Location: HS2 Phase 2a lorry routes relating to Community Area 5 for authorised sites
National Grid Ref: 370696 352714 (attached)    
19To consider making responses to any urgent planning application consultations that have arisen since this agenda was published  
20To note an update with regards to 140, Main Road and to consider to submit the Cheshire East Council Asset Transfer Enquiry form to start the Asset Transfer process (to follow)
21To receive and consider an update with regards to the Ground Maintenance  
22To consider granting a sponsorship to Shavington Primary School for the use of the car park (attached)  
23To consider recommendations for the budget setting 2022/23 from the following Committees:  
Village Hall Committee
Environment and Engagement Committee
Finance Committee  

And to consider to approve the Parish Council budget for the forthcoming financial year and the precept request for 2022/23 (attached)  
24To consider to review Committee Membership 2021/22 (attached)  
25To consider making a comment to Cheshire East Council with regards to Final Draft Housing Supplementary Planning Document (attached)  
26It is recommended that the Council considers a resolution under Section 1 of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 to exclude the public and representatives of the press from the meeting during the consideration of item 4 on the grounds that the matters contain sensitive information and by reason of confidential nature of the business being transacted.
27To consider the adoption of an internal protocol  (to follow)
28To consider staffing matter  (to follow)
29To note the date of the next Council Meeting – 5 January 2022