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Community and Engagement Policy

Approved by Shavington-cum-Gresty Parish Council on 6 September 2023


This strategy sets out what community engagement is, why we do it and the aims and actions which support it. This strategy is about building on the good practice and it acknowledges the genuine desire of all partners within our community to work more closely together for the benefit of local residents.


Community Engagement is a term covering many different activities carried out with people who make up our communities. It is about making sure that people can participate and engage in lots of different ways to make Shavington-cum-Gresty a better place. Community engagement can happen in many ways from Parish Meetings, survey polls, questionnaires, events, and much more.

Community engagement can also take place at several different levels from low involvement activity to high involvement activity. For example, this can range from providing information to people, to consultation by asking for feedback on a particular service or policy, to participation when decision making is shared and through to empowerment which gives people ownership of the decisions and support to carry out their own activities.


Community Engagement gives individuals, communities and partners a range of very important benefits:

  • Developing a better understanding of relationship with communities through genuine dialogue
  • Encouraging more voluntary and community groups to become involved in planning and delivering local services
  • Helping people to establish an improved sense of neighbourhood and more cohesive communities
  • Engaging more people in local democracy


There are different partners involved in working together on community engagement:

  • All residents of Shavington-cum-Gresty
  • Councillors as elected representatives of their communities
  • Voluntary and community groups both individually and through local organisations
  • Private sector organisations, local businesses and social enterprises
  • Public service providers

The approach to community engagement is founded upon the principle that each agency; public, private or voluntary, is responsible for its own community engagement activity.


Through this strategy and the engagement work we are all involved in across the parish, we aim to:

  • Have clear objectives for engagement and to communicate clearly and openly about decisions and actions and the reasons for them
  • Seek to reach those communities and individuals not yet engaged
  • Share information and expertise
  • Engage in innovative and creative ways using various media and platforms as where appropriate
  • Recognise and value existing channels and work to make these more responsive and effective
  • Engage using a range of flexible methods to avoid relying on one source


Through this strategy we are committed to:

  • Use the most appropriate level of involvement and participation for each activity
  • Build on the existing skills of local people and communities so they are empowered to engage in decision making
  • Develop the voluntary and community sector to play a key role in helping in delivering services
  • Develop a culture where other peoples’ views are valued and listened to and are part of the decision-making process and help build cohesion in Shavington-cum-Gresty


To help us achieve effective community engagement we will make use of:

  • Noticeboards
  • Parish Council website
  • Ad hoc polls and surveys
  • Facebook
  • Public meetings
  • Press releases.


For more information on this strategy, or to find out more about becoming involved in putting it into action, please contact Simona Garnero, Parish Clerk:

  • By email:  
  • By telephone: 01270 42 11 25
  • By post: Shavington-cum-Gresty Parish Council, Main Road, Shavington, Crewe, CW2 5DP

Or visit our website: