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Village Hall Committee meeting – 9 February 6pm

Meeting Summary

Committee:Village Hall

Notes for Members of the Public:

  • Any members of the public that wish to attend, please register with the clerk by emailing by 3pm on Wednesday, 9 February 2022.

Public Agenda

1To receive and consider apologies for absence  
2To note declarations of Members’ interests  
3To confirm and sign the minutes of the Village Hall Committee Meeting hold on 13 October 2021 (attached)  
4Public Participation
 A period not exceeding 20 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments
5To receive an update with regards to the Village Hall occupancy (attached) and to consider making recommendation to improve the occupancy of the Village Hall  
6To receive and consider an update with regards to regular maintenance works at the Village Hall:  

a. Replacement of light bulbs in the Kitchen (with LED)
b. Painting
c. Installation of notice board
d. Various equipment  
7To receive and consider an update with regards to the cleaning contract and utility contracts  
8To note and consider and update with regards to marketing activities to promote the Village Hall including the n. 2 signs to be displayed outside the Hall  
9To receive and consider an update with regards to any H&S arrangements needed  
10To note the revised Shavington-cum-Gresty Village Hall Condition of Use policy and booking fee for 2022/23