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Parish Council Meeting – 6 October 7:30pm

Meeting Summary

Committee:Full Parish Council
Venue:Shavington Village Hall

Notes for Members of the Public:

  • Any members of the public that wish to attend, please register with the clerk by emailing  by 3pm on Wednesday, 6th October 2021.

Public Agenda

1To receive and consider apologies for absence  
2To note declarations of Members’ interests  
3To confirm and sign the minutes of the Shavington-cum-Gresty Council Meetings hold on 1 September 2021 and 29 September 2021 (attached)  
4Public Participation
 A period not exceeding 20 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments  
5To receive a report from the Village Beat Manager (to follow)  
6To receive an update on Cheshire East Council’s plans affecting the Parish Council from Cllr Marren (CEC) (to follow)  
7To receive updates from Committee Chairs in relation to meetings held since the previous Shavington-cum-Gresty Parish Council meeting on 1 September 2021 or any items arisen since then:

Committee: Community and Environment Committee (Minutes attached)
Chair: Councillor K Gibbs
Meeting held 22nd September 2021
Items for consideration:  
a. that the DRAFT Community and Engagement budget 2022/23 is recommended to Full Council as described in the budget setting process, with the following amendments:  
That the Queen Jubilee cost code is merged it with the Event 1 – Village Festival cost code
That the Event 1 – Village Festival budget is increased to £3,500    

Committee: Finance Committee (Minutes attached)
Chair: Cllr Hackett
Meeting held  29th September 2021
Items for consideration:  
a. that the DRAFT Finance budget 2022/23 is recommended to Full Council as described in the budget setting process, with the following amendments:
Website subscription £2,100
Website transparency £1,000 (the Community Manager is asked to request an estimate from the supplier)
Office expenditure £1,000  

b. that the Parish Council Financial Risk Assessment is approved and recommended to Parish Council subject to the following amendment being made:
Hire Charges: all booking must be paid in advance  

Committee: Environment and Recreation
Committee Chair: Councillor Ferguson  

Committee: Village Hall
Committee Chair: Councillor McIntyre  

Committee: Staffing
Committee Chair: Councillor Buchanan  
8To note and approve payments since the previous meeting (attached)  
9To consider to approve the next round of payments (attached)  
10To note the conclusion of audit and to consider the external auditor report and certificate (attached)  
11To review the year-to-date financial position of the Parish Council (attached)  
12To consider making a comment to Cheshire East Council with regards to the Local Government Association new model code of conduct (attached)  
13To consider a report from the Parish Clerk with regards to Christmas Lights for the Village Hall (attached)  
14To receive and consider and update with regards to Shavignton-cum-Gresty Remembrance Service  
15To receive and consider an update with regard to the Cheshire East Council Community Governance Review.  

To consider to review the Parish Council alternative proposal approved by the Council on 6 May 2021, in order to align the Parish Council view with the data gathered from the community survey.  

To note an update with regards to the Parish Boundary booklet and Boundary Booklet Reminder, and to consider to allocate a budget to cover the cost of design, printing and delivery (attached)  
16To note and consider and update with regards to 140, Main Road and to consider how to progress with the project.  
17To consider a proposal from Rhino Safety to undertake a Health and Safety review and check of the Shavington Village Hall and to allocate a budget from reserves (attached)  
18To consider making a response to the following planning applications:  
 Application 21/4784N
Proposal: Erection of a new Church and Community Space (Use Classes F1(f)) F2(b) respectively) including associated access road, parking, service provision and landscaping.
Location: New Church Development Site, CREWE ROAD, SHAVINGTON
National Grid Ref: 370152.1344 351714.6634
Deadline: 20 October 2021  

Application 21/4941N
Proposal: Two storey extension to side of dwelling Location: 49, PARK ESTATE, SHAVINGTON, CHESHIRE, CW2 5AW
National Grid Ref: 370670 352330
Deadline: 14 October 2021    
19To consider making responses to any urgent planning application consultations that have arisen since this agenda was published  
20To consider recommendations for the budget setting 2022/23 from the following Committees (attached):  

Staffing Committee
Community and Engagement Committee
Finance Committee  
21To receive and consider an update with regards to the Ground Maintenance contract and any ad-hoc services needed  
22To consider to allocate up to £700 from the Admin/Staff ICT budget to purchase ITC equipment for the staff as detailed in the report (attached)  
23To consider to allocate up to £300 from the Admin/Staff Staff Expenses budget to purchase n.2 office chairs for the staff as detailed in the report (attached)  
24To consider a proposal to review the Staffing Committee ToR (attached)  
25To consider to review Committee Membership 2021/22 (attached)  
26To consider a request from Shavington Academy to sponsor the Environment Award (attached)  
27To consider a recommendation from the Finance Committee to adopt the reviewed Finance Risk Assessment (attached)  
28To note the date of the next Council Meeting – 3 November 2021