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Finance & Strategy Committee Terms of Reference

Approved by Shavington cum Gresty Parish Council on 4 May 2022

 5 Members of AuthorityQuorum 3
 Meeting will take place every 3 months
 To take a strategic overview of Council operations and ensure that strategy is coordinated across all committees in line with the strategic agenda set by members. To oversee the general operations of the Council in areas such as finance, policy review, budget management, audit, risk management. All non-committee members may attend meetings of the Committee except for confidential items or matters relating to grievance or discipline and speak at the Chairman’s discretion but are unable to vote.  
 Function of the CommitteeDelegation of function
1To advise Council on Financial Regulations, Standing Orders and Standing Orders for Contracts.    Committee
2To ensure that there is a rolling programme of policy and governance reviews in accordance with agreed “review” dates.    Parish Clerk
3To advise Council on the Constitution and all policy documents not specifically allocated to other standing committees  Committee
4To be responsible for the overall management and control of the finances of the CouncilCouncil to approve banking arrangements Committee for strategic review   RFO/Parish Clerk in accordance with Financial Regulations and for operational management  
5To monitor the Council’s capital and revenue budgets  Committee/RFO in accordance with Financial Regulations.
6Approval of variation, overspend, and virement in accordance with financial regulations  Committee, Parish Clerk and RFO as set out in Financial Regulations
7To authorise payments in accordance with Financial RegulationsCommittee, Parish Clerk and RFO as set out in Financial Regulations  
8Approval of Orders for work, goods or services acceptance of tenders  Council/Committee/Proper Officer/Parish Clerk in accordance with Financial Regulations and Standing Orders for Contracts.   Parish Clerk to approve or vary lists of approved contractors subject to Financial Regulations or Standing orders  
9To make recommendations to the Council on Budget and Precept requirements.Committee   RFO/Parish Clerk to prepare draft Budget and Budget Report  
10To advise on the financial implications of proposed new policies or services including potential costs and sources of revenue.  Committee  
11To advise Council on borrowing policy, investment and treasury management  Committee  
12To regularly monitor the performance of all funds invested.  Committee, Parish Clerk/RFO
13To supervise the Council’s insurance arrangements.Parish Clerk/RFO for renewal and operational matters.   Committee for overview, tendering and changes of cover.  
14To supervise the Council’s banking arrangements.RFO/Parish Clerk   Authorised signatories to authorise mandate and payments in accordance with Financial Regulations  
15To be responsible for all matters related to the full range of financial and accountancy functions.Committee for Strategic overview   RFO/Parish Clerk for operational management  
16To consider reports on outstanding debts due to the Council and to undertake recovery or write off.Committee for aged debt in accordance with Financial regulations.   RFO for routine actions to recover  
17Authorisation of investments and debt repayment in accordance with the Council’s Policy  Committee
18To authorise all leasing arrangements for the acquisition of vehicles, plant and equipment within approved budgets  Committee/Parish Clerk in accordance with Financial Regulations  
19To co-ordinate and oversee the Council’s Corporate Procurement and advise it on policy.  Committee for strategic overview   Parish Clerk for operational management in accordance with Financial Regulations, Standing orders  
 Information Technology Services  
20To oversee the use of information and other technology in support of the Council’s business and service commitments.  Operational management to Parish Clerk   Strategic Overview to Committee and Contracts within approved budget.
21To approve all security arrangements of the Council in respect of computers and financial issues.  Committee/Parish Clerk/RFO in accordance with Financial Regulations
22To oversee the implementation and maintenance of the Council’s Accessibility and Transparency PolicyCommittee for strategic overview   Parish Clerk for operational management in accordance with Financial Regulations, Standing orders  
 Performance and Business Management 
23Approval and monitoring of Corporate Business PlanCommittee   Parish Clerk to determine underlying Action and Project Plans
24Approval of Operating ProceduresCommittee for initial Financial Procedures   Parish Clerk for other procedures and updating financial procedures  
25Approval, design, planning of strategic projects  Committee
26To seek and maximise the benefits of external funding and have a strategic overview of all funding opportunities and how to better allocate these to the Council’s projects  Strategic overview to Committee   Operational management to Parish Clerk  
 Asset Management 
27To have oversight of assets and the transfers of assets.  Committee
28Maintenance of the Asset Register  Parish Clerk
29Corporate landlord management, repair and maintenance. Leasing & licensing of Council land and buildingsCouncil for acquisition and disposal Strategic overview to Committee   Parish Clerk for operational management  
 Public Buildings 
30Power to provide and encourage the use of conference facilities, Local Government Act 1972, S144 Power to provide public buildings and halls, Local Government Act 1972, S215 Power to provide and equip community buildings, Local Government Act 1972, s 133  Committee for strategic overview   Parish Clerk for operational management  
31Power to provide and equip community centres for use of clubs having athletic, social or recreational objectives, Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 S19.  Committee for strategic overview   Parish Clerk for operational management  
32To maintain and have oversight of Member Audits.Committee   Parish Clerk to support with operating procedures  
33To undertake any actions recommended following Member Audits and to have overview of risk managementCommittee (Council if change of policy required). Council to receive external audit report.   Parish Clerk/RFO to manage in accordance with Financial Regulations and to undertake all statutory actions to facilitate audits and returns.  
34Final Internal and External Audit Reports  Committee to advise Council on response
 Information and Data Protection 
35Policy on Data Protection, Access to Information, Freedom of Information and Human Rights.  Advice to Council
36Decisions on issues relating to Data Protection and Human Rights.Strategic overview and monitoring to Committee   Parish Clerk to renew Data Protection Registration, make amendments as necessary, respond to routine requests for information and matters raised by the Information Commissioner or Data Protection Officer.   Parish Clerk to update Privacy notices of all categories.  
37Decisions on issues relating to Access to Information and Freedom of Information.Committee for strategic overview   Parish Clerk to ensure Publication Scheme and Information Guide up to date, all requests for information are dealt with according to legislation and policy and respond to matters raised by the Information Commissioner.  
 Ethical Framework 
38To monitor and control the Council’s Code of Conduct and related protocolsStrategic overview and monitoring to Committee.   For Officer delegation see Council ToR  

NB. Any actions delegated to the Parish Clerk/Proper Officer may in his/her absence be undertaken by the nominated deputy or deputies, if the matter cannot wait until the Parish Clerk’s return.