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Community EngagementIts principal role is to develop and maintain a plan to improve communication between the
Parish Council and its residents and to enable greater engagement with the community via this
newsletter, website and social media accounts.
Environment and RecreationThe Committee is responsible for the allotments, Vine Tree Play Area and any other issues
relating to the environs of the area.
FinanceThe Committee meets three times a year; one meeting is in April to review the accounts ready
for audit; one meeting is held in October to prepare a draft budget for the forward year. The third
meeting is to look in detail at the accounts to conduct a ‘Cardiff check’.
Village HallThe Committee has a strategic role in managing the Village Hall as an asset to ensure optimum
occupancy and income.

Committee Membership

CommitteeNumber of PlacesMembership
Community EngagementFive Parish councillors and two non-parish councillorsCouncillors: Kevin Gibbs, Ryan Moore, Gordon McIntyre, Russell Jones, Benjamin Gibbs
Non-parish councillors: Judith McIntyre (WI),
Environment and RecreationRecreation Five Parish councillors and one allotment holder representativeCouncillors: Vivien Adams, Linda Buchanan, Matt Ferguson, Kevin Gibbs, Rene Hancock
Allotment holder representative: Barbara Barlow
FinanceFive Parish councillorsCouncillors: Matt Ferguson, Kevin Gibbs, Rene Hancock, Claire Hackett, Vivien Adams, Benjamin Gibbs
Village HallFive Parish councillors and two non-parish councillorsCouncillors: Vivien Adams, Kevin Gibbs, Rene Hancock, Gordon McIntyre, Claire Hackett
Non-parish councillor: Janet Clarke

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is set up under the Localism Act 2011.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering GroupMinimum of two parish councillors and up to 20 non-parish councillorsCouncillors: Linda Buchanan, Benjamin Gibbs, Kevin Gibbs, Rene Hancock
Non-parish councillor: Bill Attridge